Green Building Elements

One decision you will be faced with when designing your new home is whether or not to use green building principles and green building elements to enhance and enrich your home. The cost of building a green home is higher than a traditional home, but the reward and long-term savings will definitely be worth the original investment.

You may be thinking “What does green building involve?” Green building is the practice of increasing the efficiency of buildings’ use of material, water, and energy. It also includes reducing building impact on the environment through better design, construction, maintenance, and waste removal.

You can effectively build a green home by increasing your energy efficiency, selecting the best materials for building, increase the efficiency of water usage inside and outside of the home, and improving the air quality which will also improve the health of your family. Let’s break this down into steps to easily determine the best way for you to plan your home’s Green building principles:

Step 1: Increasing Energy Efficiency

  • Advanced framing- if you plan to build your home using these principles, an easy starting place is with the frame of your home. Creating a structurally sound home with improved efficiency will lower your material and labor costs. This step actually reduces the cost of your home because it reduces the amount of lumber (more expensive) used and replaces it with insulation (cheaper option).
  • Hot Water Heater- strategically placing your hot water heater can help reduce the amount of energy consumed by your home. Place the heater near the points of your home that use the most water like the main shower and the washing machine.
  • Household Appliances- when you head to your local home appliance store to choose your new refrigerator, washing machine, dryer, and oven, be sure to look for the Energy Star The machine will also include an Energy Guide that suggests an estimated yearly cost for operation. This information can help you select the best appliance that fits your needs and eliminates wasted energy costs.
  • Lighting- when selecting lights for your home, we recommend that you select high-efficiency lighting systems with advanced lighting controls. This will allow you to adjust the lighting in your home to meet your needs instead of having full-powered lights all the time.

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