From Lincoln Log Houses to Real Log Homes

Many people dream of owning a log home whether they want to live deep in the country or stick out with great curb appeal in the city. Because of this dream, the log home industry has been increasing production by 15% over the last ten years.

What are some of the things you should consider before building a log home?

  • Log homes cost at least 20% more than a traditional home.
  • Log homes are 30-40% more than a traditional home.
  • Log homes sell much quicker.
  • Log homes are more challenging to build than normal homes.

Since log homes cost more to build, it is important to consider these costs when planning and designing your home. We have compiled a list of things to keep in mind as you design your dream log home:

  • Keep the exterior of the structure as simple as possible. Each corner will add additional cost to your building project so something like a rectangle, “L,” or “T,” shape will work best.
  • Select an A-Frame roof or something similar.
  • Consider building the front of your home with log and the rest of your home in the traditional manner.
  • Plan for your plumbing to be on the interior walls because carving out space on the exterior (or the log) is not recommended. We don’t want frozen pipes come winter!

The list of additional decisions homeowners have to make when considering a log home is endless. You can have the feeling of a log home without an actual log structure by adding log accents to a traditional home.

Nobody knows what it is about log homes that make them so comfortable and calm; however, these homes offer a sense of peace. If a log home is your dream, contact UBuildIt today and one of our consultants will help make your dream a reality.


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