Best Practices for Staying Organized as a Project Manager

Being your own project manager can be a daunting idea especially without any experience in the construction field; however, with the help of UBuildIt and these simple organization tips, everything will work out in the end.

Keeping yourself organized and prepared for questions will save you a lot of time, money, and frustration.

Keep Everything in One Place: We recommend purchasing a notebook with pockets to keep all paperwork, ideas, notes, and lists in one place. Always keep it with you so you can track phone calls, take notes, and jot down questions when they arise.

Important Things to Keep in your Notebook:

  • Lists such as:
    • Things to Do
    • Telephone Log showing who called, when they called, and what was discussed
    • List of all subcontractors and suppliers including their best contact number and availability.
  • General Notes
  • Copies of all bids
  • Copy of all specifications
  • Change Order Notifications

Keep a copy of all blueprints: Always keep these with you and bring them to the job site when you visit.

Keep a file of Financial Documents: If you are using a construction loan, it is imperative that you remain organized and keep a copy of your original budget along with copies of all draw sheets. Eventually, your lender will ask for this information.

Track your Actual Expense versus Projected Budget: Sometimes your construction loan documents will be all that is required of you; however, sometimes additional information is requested. If you keep everything in one place, you will be prepared at the end.

Keep a Construction Calendar: Keeping track of when subcontractors will be on site will help with scheduling additional people and knowing when to order materials. People have been most successful at this step when they purchase various colored pens and a calendar (you can print one online that way you won’t waste half a year worth of paper). Use a different pen for each subcontractor and another for your appointments with your UBuildIt Consultant.

Communicate Regularly: This tip may seem obvious; however, people often forget how important communication is in a project of this size. Remember to be in contact with your consultant, suppliers, and subcontractors to ensure there are no mistakes made in your orders, schedule, or project in general.

Being your own Project Manager is not easy; however, taking control of your project with the help of UBuildIt’s experienced staff, you will come out of the tunnel with your dream home.


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