Which UBuildIt Program is Right for You?

You have made the decision, made lists of ideas, and researched your options… Now what? If you are looking to either build a house or remodel your home as well as maintain control of your project, avoid contractor pressure, save money, and enjoy consulting with someone who has your best interest in mind, UBuildIt is the right solution. So, how do you choose which of our programs is the right one for your project?

UBuildIt-Custom Home

This program is a great option for someone looking to build a brand new custom home that has no idea where to begin. Many of our clients who select this option have not even purchased land yet, which is ideal anyway because our extraordinary consultants can help with that too.

UBuildIt prides itself on offering a two-fold saving advantage. The first savings will come from choosing to build your dream home instead of buying it. We have been able to recreate homes for clients at retail price when their dream house was sold before they could purchase it. Take that extra savings and install a swimming pool, upgrade your appliances, or take a family vacation. The second half of the savings deal comes from choosing UBuildIt to help you build your home. Our program and services consistently save clients up to 25% over what they would spend with a contractor.

Save money. Stay in control. Choose UBuildIt.

UBuildIt Plus

This option takes the administrative duties of building a home out of your hands and places it into ours. You will maintain control and always have the final decision; however, the amount of time you will have to invest in your project using this program is significantly less.

UBuildIt Plus handles the planning and construction phases slightly different than the custom option. Your consultant will collect your ideas and perform a lot of the research for you rather than guiding you through the planning stage. Then during construction, we will make hiring recommendations and we will guide scheduling and material orders. This program significantly decreases the time investment on your part.


Anybody looking to remodel their home should consider this program. Remodeling can be a good idea for those looking to update their home for the housing market, expand for a growing family, or simply to make your home into your dream home. Remodeling can be quite the project because even though you are not starting from the ground up, remodels still require permits, subcontractors, and construction knowledge. This program offers the suppliers, subcontractors, and an expert consultant to guide you through this process.

We offer the UBuildit Class package which allows you to keep the reins and do most of the legwork in the planning stage and construction stage with our help. We also offer the UBuildit Plus package for remodels. It is essentially the same as what was discussed above.


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