Three Common Questions Answered about UBuildIt

Deciding to build a new custom home or remodel your current living space is a big step. Questions are bound to arise about whether or not this is the right decision at the right time, how much will it cost, and even where to start? UBuildIt is more than just a company striving for success, it is a service centered on ensuring that clients receive the home of their dreams. Our consulting services are designed around customer experience; therefore, our main objective is to create a “team mentality,” where we work together to find the best solutions for each project.

Do not worry! We understand that this is a daunting process and the questions are probably making their way into your mind quicker than you can comprehend them. Let us put your mind at ease with these answers to commonly asked questions.

  • Do I have time to use UBuildIt rather than hiring a general contractor?

Any construction project will require a certain amount of time from the homeowner whether they have hired UBuildIt or a general contractor. Generally, UBuildIt clients spend an average of 6-8 hours per week with administrative duties. This amount of time fluctuates throughout the process. From our experience, this amount of time will also be required of you if you hire a general contractor.

If you select the UBuildIt Plus package, your time will shrink from 6-8 hours per week to 1-3 hours per week. During this time you will do a general overview of your construction project, control your checkbook, and communicate with your UBuildIt Consultant. Your consultant will be able to handle daily scheduling and you will remain completely in control of what is happening.

  • Does UBuildIt really cost less than a builder?

A general contractor typically quotes between 10-15% of the total cost of the project plus a 15-25% markup that they bury within their construction labor and material cost. With UBuildIt, every dollar that leaves your bank account is spent on your project with no hidden fees or markups. UBuildIt clients purchase construction materials at wholesale price and pay a set labor price as well.

Your consultant will establish a flat-fixed consulting fee up front that will be paid in progress to consult your project. The fee typically averages between 8-10% of wholesale for new construction projects and for remodels between 10-15%. Remember, these are with no markups and no hidden fees on labor or materials.

UBuildIt clients normally spend 20-30% less on their projects than people who hire a general contractor.

  • How do I control a construction project when I do not know anything about building?

With UBuildIt’s consulting services, you will not be required to pick up a hammer, draw a blueprint, or operate heavy machinery. Our experienced consultants take your ideas and turn them into plans before finally translating them into a logistical schedule. All you have to do is decide what you want in your home, the style of your home, and what materials you prefer. With our expertise throughout your home-building journey, you will have a customized plan that specifies what to expect along the way.

Take the plunge! Call your local UBuildIt office today to schedule a one-on-one meeting. Come prepared with questions, ideas, and an open mind.


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