Tip #4: Direct Your UBuildIt Consult & Design Professional—It will Save you Money!

Now that you have developed a game plan for your new custom home, you will need to begin researching professional assistance. UBuildIt can help you select a professional designer, architect, and other various custom home professionals. We are also equipped to work with those you may have selected prior to finding our service. Custom homes require engineering and this step will help convert your dream into a reality.

Partner with a Design Professional

  • Will you use an architect or a designer? Do you know the difference?
  • Will you select a stock plan that fits your needs or will you want a completely custom design?

Prepare for Clear Communication

  • Will you communicate with your consultant/architect/designer by phone, email, or in person? Creating a clear communication model will relieve stress throughout the process of building your home.

Plan together

  • It is essential to remain on the same page through this step of the process. Miscommunication can do a lot of damage to a home design.
  • Communication is key—keep all lines of communication open.

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