Tip #1 for Designing a Perfect Home for Your Family

Many building or remodeling projects end up behind schedule and over budget because of skipped steps in the planning/designing process. Many people fail to recognize the challenges of building a home or remodeling their current home. Where do you start? How do you decide what you should include in your budget?

UBuildIt will offer you control in planning your home. We recommend starting with planning your space. Once you lock in your floor plan, the rest falls into place. Follow this easy guide to get started and don’t forget to ask your consultant about our Dream Home or Dream Remodeling Planning Guide to aid your process.

#1: Define your space

Some people would recommend looking at home plan books and collecting pictures of things you like; however, we advise against this approach because while it will show you what you want, it will not necessarily show you what you need.

Start with these questions:

  • Where are you now?
    • What works about your current space? Are there things that function well? Which rooms are perfect? Why?
    • What does not work about the space? What space goes unused? What things are missing that you believe you need?
    • What do you think about the size of each room? Are they too big or too small? Measure comfortable spaces to have a starting point.
  • Who will live in your home?
    • Hold a family meeting to discuss what kind of space is important to everybody. Do your children need an extra bathroom to get ready in? Space to play or have friends over?
    • Does anybody desire more storage or larger closets?
    • If you are building a two story home and plan to retire there, should the master suite and laundry room be on the main floor?

Track your habits:

  • Watch how your family interacts with your home over the next ten days.
    • What rooms do they spend the most time in?
    • Where do you need traffic lights to keep things in order in the mornings?
    • Are there rooms that should be next to each other or rooms that should not be side-by-side?

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