Universal Design Concept

Is your home ready for you as you grow?

Modern medicine continues to improve; therefore, the average lifespan is increasing as the years go by. When we are young, it is hard to consider long-term ideas that include easy modification for our bodies as we age; however, UBuildIt has adopted a “Universal Design” strategy to remind home owners and builders to consider longevity when they design, build, or remodel their home.

Why should you consider the Universal Design Concept when designing your home?

Longevity: Since you are investing all your finances, energy, and time into creating the home of your dreams with our custom home design plan, it is safe to assume you plan to stay in this home for a while. Even if you do not plan to retire from this home, you will definitely age within this space. What happens if you develop arthritis in your wrists and are unable to twist the door knobs? What if you are wheelchair bound and are unable to fit your chair down your hallways? Talk to your UBuildIt consultant about planning for the future when you are designing your home. Making these minor adjustments to your plans now will save you thousands in remodel costs later.

Unforeseen Injury or Illness: Plan for the worst case scenario. We all plan to remain healthy and mobile throughout our lives; however, sometimes things happen. Will your home be prepared for these things or will you have to spend more money later making necessary adjustments?

Examples of Universal Design Features:
• Larger bathrooms
• Adjustable shelving
• Open knee space under all sinks
• Slip-safe flooring
• Step-free entrance


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