What is a Custom Home?

When you step into a new industry, there are often acronyms and phrases that are not commonly used. The home construction industry is no different. So you hear us constantly referring to building a custom home, but what does that mean?

Let’s investigate some terms that you may hear often as you begin planning your dream home:

Production Built: This type of home is designed by an architect and a builder then built several times. You see this type of build in a traditional neighborhood when you may notice that all the homes are shaped similar and their color schemes match. If you buy this type of home, you will have little to no say in any design elements unless you purchase it early enough in the building process. This type of home is not individualized to the needs and desires of your family; however, it is important to note that a production built home can offer savings since the same design is used multiple times.

Semi-Custom Built: This home is somewhere between a custom built home and a production built home.  Generally, the builder will either have several stock designs which you can customize to your own liking. Add a room, change the layout, or add additional storage space in the garage—these types of features would be up to you. Since you will be making decisions that are unique to you, this type of home would be more expensive than a traditional production built home.

Custom Home: A custom home is one in which you will work with an architect to design a house that is one-of-a-kind. Throughout the stages of design, you will have the ability to select room sizes, layout, type of fixtures, and the flooring. A custom home usually has a slightly higher price tag because it has never been built before and the designs are unique to your taste.

Designing your own home allows you to create your dream home. You will have the opportunity to be a responsible member of your environmental community by choosing Green Building techniques. You can also design your home with longevity in mind so that it will be prepared to accommodate your needs as you grow.

Although building your own custom home may sound a bit daunting, UBuildIt makes your experience a relative breeze. Our expert staff will assist you in the development of a budget and schedule, while giving you peace of mind in knowing that each part of the production process is being fulfilled in the most efficient way possible.


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